Are you doing anything to prepare during this hurricane season?

KMW-Poll-080713-1Kimu Paleira
Works for state parks (DLNR)

“Yes, I got lumber for the windows, stocked up on food and water.”


KMW-Poll-080713-2Matt Trubia
Sous chef, Wailua

“Nope. After all the hype of recent stuff like tsunami’s and all that, nothing happens. So I’m just living my life like it’s any other day.”


KMW-Poll-080713-3Oba D.
Gardener and business owner, Kapaa

“Other than cleaning the projectiles out of the yard, I’m not really doing anything. All the media hype seems like too much. I’m not running out to get anything.”


KMW-Poll-080713-4Bob Comstock
Glass glazer, Kapaa

“Yeah. I’m stocking up on some canned goods and water.”


KMW-Poll-080713-5Kristian Nabeshima-Costa
Restaurant hostess, Kekaha

“Yes, definitely! I’ve got water and food and toiletries. Things like that. I’ve got two kids so I’ve got to be prepared. You just never know.”