‘If a book were written about your life, what would be the title?’

KMW-Poll-043014-Image01-DLSunni Efhan Lihue, Hostess

“Full Of Laughter.”


KMW-Poll-043014-Image02-DLMarck Shipley Omao, Owner, Papalani Gelato

“How Sweet It Is.”


KMW-Poll-043014-Image03-DLMaile Freitas Anahola, Anahola Cafe Employee

“Like an Angel.”


KMW-Poll-043014-Image04-DLPaige Christiansen Lihue, Insurance Sales



KMW-Poll-043014-Image05-DLKristin Leikam Kapaa, Owner, Cakes By Kristin

“A Work In Progress.”