What should the county do to alleviate traffic in Kapaa?

KMW-Poll-090314-Image01-DLMoulay Drissi Business Owner, Kapaa

“No clue. I’m not sure of all of the laws that surround that. But I do think they could do something with the bypass road.”


KMW-Poll-090314-Image02-DLNalia Leong Customer Service Supervisor, Anahola

“They could make the lights timed better. The ones by Foodland and Safeway are especially ridiculous.”


KMW-Poll-090314-Image03-DLDolly Ragudo Retired, Kapaa

“There is not enough room to do much, it seems. So I just try very hard not to travel at those times when the traffic is really bad.”


KMW-Poll-090314-Image04-DLJamie Faford Student, Anahola

“Time the stoplights better, since it looks like they can’t have another road anywhere.”


KMW-Poll-090314-Image05-DLJennifer Carvalho Mom, Koloa

“It would help if they could make some more lanes. At least one would help. But that light by the Safeway is the worst! Fix that one!”