Did you take a vacation this summer?

KMW-Poll-082113-1Corrine Danner
Housewife, Anahola

“Nope. No vacation. We have five kids, so we can’t travel much. We just had a lot of fun this summer on the beach.”


KMW-Poll-082113-2Lauren Shaw Meek
Singer and Composer, Lihue

“I didn’t take a vacation. I did a stay-cation. I spent my time clearing my mind and preparing to apply to the Dresden Opera House.”


KMW-Poll-082113-3Raenette Camat
Housemom, Lihue

“Yes. I went with my mom. We spent a week in Las Vegas.”


KMW-Poll-082113-4Bea Enright
Yoga Instructor, Princeville

“Not yet, but I’m headed to San Francisco at the end of August.”