‘If it were easy to do, would you change your name? If so, to what?’

KMW-Poll-052814-Image04-DLMichael Holly Landscaping, Kapaa

“I would not. I like my name.”


KMW-Poll-052814-Image02-DLArthur William Sullivan V Real Estate Agent, North Shore

“I would not. I like being the fifth.”


KMW-Poll-052814-Image01-DLJorge Mendoza Cook, Kapaa

“I’ve thought about it in the past, but not anymore. I’m able to appreciate the culture it comes from now.”


KMW-Poll-052814-Image03-DLMik Carroll Disabled Vet, Kapaa

“I wouldn’t change it. No desire. And how many people do you know named Mik?”


Thomas AndersonThomas Anderson Development, Kapaa

“Nope. Not a chance.”