If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

KMW-Poll-082714-Image01-DLLish Millare Hanapepe, Blogger and very soon-to-be mom

“King crab legs with garlic butter. It’s pretty much the key to my heart.”


KMW-Poll-082714-Image05-DLGarren Millare Hanapepe, Owner of G’s Juicebar

“Coconuts. Besides tasting great, I get to eat the meat as well as drink the water.”


KMW-Poll-082714-Image03-DLGenesse Cacal Kalaheo, Clinical assistant

“Blood meat. I’d be fat with high cholesterol, but very happy.”


KMW-Poll-082714-Image04-DLPukaua Kini Kekaha, Juice maker and banana chopper

“Bananas! Definitely bananas!”


KMW-Poll-082714-Image02-DLGeorgie Millare Kalaheo, Juice maker and self-proclaimed Google expert

“Well, beer is always good …”