What is your favorite way to eat kalo?

KMW-Poll-121714-Image01-DLJoshua Fukino
KCC Academic Support, Kapaa

“Pa‘i‘ai. Definitely pa‘i‘ai.”


KMW-Poll-121714-Image02-DLStacy Sproat-Beck
Waipa Director, Kilauea

“You should ask an easier question! There are so many, but the first thing that comes to mind is poi.”


KMW-Poll-121714-Image03-DLRobin Torquati
Gardener, Moloaa

“Shredded taro hash browns mixed with scrambled eggs. It’s the breakfast of champions.”


KMW-Poll-121714-Image04-DLMaki Iwakawa
KCC Student, Lihue

“Pa‘i‘ai, for sure.”


KMW-Poll-121714-Image05-DLKim Saporito
Architect, Hanalei

“Sliced up and fried. Not the best for you, but it’s so delicious.”