How do you feel about Niihau becoming its own county?

KMW-Poll-042314-1Niki Budrow
Kalaheo, Retail

“Checks and balances are always a good thing for land owners, especially in a small island state like ours. But I also think Niihau could use more representation in Kauai County.”


KMW-Poll-042314-2Chanel Lee-Brun
Lihue, Retail

“It’s kind of scary. Who knows the right direction to take? It could benefit the people there, but it could easily go away from the traditional Hawaiian ways they have known for so long.”


KMW-Poll-042314-3Charles Davis
Wailua, Artist

“If Niihau became its own county, No. 1, Kauai would lose it in its tax base. No. 2, The Robinsons own a lot of land, including that island. If they get total control of the island, I fear that the GMO companies would soon follow.”


KMW-Poll-042314-4Pono Pascua
Wailua, Restaurant Worker

“It’s bad enough the Robinsons own the island. What more can they take from Niihau? Kind of scary to think about.”


KMW-Poll-042314-5Zaiana Huddy-Lemn
Kapaa, Restaurant Worker

“Mindboggling! What do they want to do? What’s wrong with how it is now? It could be really frightening what could happen to that island.”