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Is the glass half full, half empty or something else entirely?

KMW-Poll-080614-Image01-DLJudy Capertina Baker, Wailua

“It’s something else. Half full is too stagnant, and things are looking positive, so the glass seems like it’s filling up.”


KMW-Poll-080614-Image02-DLSamantha Smith Barista, Kapaa

“There is no such thing as half empty!”


KMW-Poll-080614-Image03-DLDaniel White Home inspector, Kapaa

“It’s always full. Full of something, but you just can’t see all of what’s in there.”


KMW-Poll-080614-Image04-DLKoyote Wyatt Truth seeker, Moloa’a

“The glass is always full. There is something in every part of the glass.”


KMW-Poll-080614-Image05-DLByrd Hemingway Farmer, Moloa’a

“It depends on how you are looking at it. But from my perspective, I think it is always overflowing.”