Would you go forward or back in time travel?

KMW-Poll-050714-Image01-DLEric Be Kapaa, Owner of “BE” food truck

“I feel like I should have been born in 1950, so I could turn 16 and own a 1966 Impala.”


KMW-Poll-050714-Image02-DLShannon Implom Kapaa, Student

“I would go back to Kauai in the 1980s – I hear it was beautiful here – and before all the technology, when people had real conversations face to face.”


KMW-Poll-050714-Image03-DLCameron Lovelace Kapaa, Owner of Yes I Skate Shop

“Actually, I would not do either. I like now. The only time is now, so I would not go.”


KMW-Poll-050714-Image04-DLJason Lagmay Wailua, Tattoo Artist

“I would go back in time because the future isn’t looking too bright.”


KMW-Poll-050714-Image05-DLJustin Blake

Kilauea, Tattoo Artist

“I’d go back to around 1980 and invest in Steve Jobs and Apple and Microsoft and all those companies. I’d be a billionaire.”