Who is a hero to you?

KMW-Poll-021115-Image01-DLStephen Mattai Chef, Wailua

“My dad. He’s the most successful person I know. He taught me how to walk tall despite obstacles.”


KMW-Poll-021115-Image02-DLVanessa Slater Bartender, Kapaa

“My mom. She was a single mom. Everything I learned about how to be strong and stand on my own I learned from her.”


KMW-Poll-021115-Image03-DLBrett Pires Waiter, Wailua

“My grandfather. He moved to the states from Portugal and joined the military at 15, then came home, got married and raised nine kids.”


KMW-Poll-021115-Image04-DLJoe Botchie Manager, Wailua

“Grandfather, a waterman on the East Coast. Before I would even be awake in the mornings, he would already be back with crab pots and flounder. A hard worker.”


KMW-Poll-021115-Image05-DLSpencer Lauderdale Waiter, Kalaheo

“My dad. He did it all on his own, without help from anyone. He provided for his family and raised us well.”