How do you feel about Kauai’s feral chicken population?

Ann Yamamoto
HR, Deja Vu Surf, Kapaa

“I think they are fun for conversation with tourists, but they tend to make quite a mess.”


Alexandra Gutierrez
Artist, Kapaa

“I think they give an authentic feel to the island. They are a part of the story of Kauai now.”


Christine Gannage
Retired, Poipu

“I’m not fond of the chickens. My parents raised chickens and told me how dirty they are, so I’m not into them running everywhere. Then there is the noise …”


Satomi Choy
Tour Guide, Wailua

“I like them — they are beautiful and fun.”


Kristine Vallandingham
Owner, Mauka Girl Creations,Wailua

“I think they are fine. Not much anyone can do about them anyway. And they do give the island a fun story.”