What do you like about going to the beach?

KMW-Poll-071614-Image01-DLSusan HandleyHanalei Hanalei, Fashion Company Owner

“Spending time with the water and ohana”


KMW-Poll-071614-Image02-DLScott Clifton Hanalei, Surf Instructor

“The surf. It’s the way of my life. I get grumpy if I don’t get out there”


KMW-Poll-071614-Image03-DLDusty Zeitz Kilauea, Server at the Kauai Grill

“My daughter gets to swim”


KMW-Poll-071614-Image04-DLMeryl Abrams Princeville, Works with kids

“Swimming. I love to get in the water and feel free”


KMW-Poll-071614-Image05-DLAlison Furderer Princeville, Model and occupational therapist

“I love the water, the animals, nature, the way the sand feels on my feet. And the memories of my family at the beach”