If they made a movie of your life, in what genre would it be and who would you like to play you?

KMW-Poll-011415-Image01-DLShawna Duhigg Baker’s Assistant, Kealia

“I think it would be a comedy and I’d have my sister Michelle play me.”


KMW-Poll-011415-Image02-DLAaron Leicham Chef/Owner ,Street Burger, Kapaa

“I’d like to see it as an old, black-and-white, classic-style film noir movie starring either Steve McQueen or Steve Martin.”


KMW-Poll-011415-Image03-DLLenette Vierra Owner, Crossfit High Impact, Poipu

“It would have to be an action-comedy. Maybe have Angelina Jolie as me. Something like Tomb Raider, but funnier.”


KMW-Poll-011415-Image04-DLLiz Fletcher Owner, Paradise Beauty, Princeville

“It would be fun to have the movie starring Kim Basinger in a Felliniesque sci-fi.”


KMW-Poll-011415-Image05-DLJahn Hoover Hairstylist, Wailua

“I’d like to see Robert Downey Jr. play me in a Robert Altman film.”