My mother taught me …

KMW-Poll-042215-Image01-DLKishyla Kua-Saladaga Student, Puhi

“She taught me to love Jesus and to share his word with everyone. And she inspires me to do my best.”


KMW-Poll-042215-Image02-DLFerdinand Lagundino Landscape and Maintenance, Ele‘ele

“She taught me to do the laundry, the cooking and all of the housework. She taught me how to take care of myself.”


KMW-Poll-042215-Image03-DLJim Owens Retired, Princeville

“She taught me how to iron my clothes. It’s how I made money in college. All the guys going out on Friday night needed their shirts pressed.”


KMW-Poll-042215-Image05-DLSanoe Maia‘aupo Sales, Koloa

“She taught me to always give to others. If I get, I give, because it’s better to give than to receive.”


KMW-Poll-042215-Image04-DLMark Segretiy Wailua, Sales and Security

“Mom taught all of us to be faithful, church-going folks. Faithful in God and faithful in ourselves.”