What is one of your favorite memories of 2014?

poll_20141224_01CASEY GRAY
Cook, Kapaa

“I was part of a two-day going-away party with all my closest friends. I had so much fun that my face hurt afterward from smiling so much.”


poll_20141224_02DAVID CAMP
Owner, Shell Dave’s Jewelry, Kilauea

“I got an amazing order for my shell jewelry and got another great bird, a mini macaw.”


poll_20141224_03ZANDER PHELPS
Hackido Performer, Moloaa

“I just lived my life and had fun all year. It was a mellow but really good year.”


Heidi Chapman Barista/Cashier Kapaa "I got to spend five weeks in Europe"HEIDI CHAPMAN
Barista/Cashier, Kapaa

“I got to spend five weeks in Europe.”


poll_20141224_05ISIAH QUIGG
Barista/Baker, Kapaa

“I quit my career in the Pacific Northwest. Best move I’ve ever made.”