What is your opinion of the wild chickens of Kauai?

Steve Magdaleno Kapaa Kitchen Helper "Eat More Roosters!"
Steve Magdaleno
Kapaa, Kitchen Helper

“Eat more roosters!”


KMW-Poll-112013-2Melissa Hall
Kapaa, Teacher

“Kauai isn’t Kauai without the chickens. You don’t even need an alarm clock here.”


KMW-Poll-112013-3Elise Gavitt
North Shore, Baker and Bee Keeper

“I think they are part of the charm of the island”


Allyson Duncan Anahola Nurse "I love them! They are a part of our Kauai"Allyson Duncan
Anahola, Nurse

“I love them! They are a part of our Kauai”


KMW-Poll-112013-5Santiago Soto
Kapaa, Artist

“I like them. They are one of my favorite things about the island. I love to do paintings of them”