If you were to run off and join the circus, what would you be?

KMW-Poll-100814-Image01-DLAnni Caporuscio Owner, Small Town Coffee, Kapaa

“I already did! I’m on Kauai!”


KMW-Poll-100814-Image02-DLCarly Vangills Barista, Moloaa

“I would grow a mustache and beard as long as I could to be the bearded lady. I think that would be a crack up!”


KMW-Poll-100814-Image03-DLSteve Rudner Pharmacist, Lihue

“I’d want to be that guy riding his bike across the high wire.”


KMW-Poll-100814-Image04-DLKat Tepelyan Brand Adviser, Wailua

“I’d want to be a proper clown.”


KMW-Poll-100814-Image05-DLCraig Hines Industrial Designer, Hanalei

“I’d like to be an acrobat flying through the air on the tightrope or the trapeze.”