What songs get stuck in your head?

KMW-Poll-030415-Image01-DLBruce Sanguin
Writer, Poipu

“I can’t seem to get Piano Man by Billy Joel out of my head for the past few days.”


KMW-Poll-030415-Image02-DLCaroline De Jesus
Sales, Koloa

“I mostly listen to music with no words because it’s calming. So I get rhythms like Enya stuck in my head.”


KMW-Poll-030415-Image03-DLGreg Peterson
Software Developer, Poipu

“I heard The Hokey Pokey yesterday and it just will not go away now!”


KMW-Poll-030415-Image04-DLLarry Geiger
Retired, Lihue

“I heard the Jimmy Buffett song Mile High Over Denver the other day, and it’s still playing in my head.”


KMW-Poll-030415-Image05-DLHollie Peterson
Rentals, Poipu

“The Taylor Swift song Blank Space has been bouncing around in my head for at least a week now.”