How did you spend your Hurricane Ana rain-soaked Sunday?

KMW-Poll-102914-Image01-DLSarah Maurer Baker, Kapaa

“I spent the day at work. I got to see who was willing to go out in the weather for coffee.”


KMW-Poll-102914-Image02-DLBrook Hunsaker Dog Groomer, Anahola

“I hung out with family, watched some movies and did laundry.”


KMW-Poll-102914-Image03-DLJames Cherico Engineer, Anahola

“Stayed indoors and watched movies with the family.”


KMW-Poll-102914-Image04-DLMaki Lowe Veterinary Tech, Wailua

“Watched movies all day. Also planned on playing some poker if the power went out.”


KMW-Poll-102914-Image05-DLBrad Baltz Coffee Roaster, Princeville

“Watched football! The power went out for a little while, so I had to watch it on my phone for a bit. But it came back on before the games ended.”