What is the strangest question a tourist asked you?

KMW-Poll-111214-Image01-DLChris Holmes Owner of Kauai Bound, Lihue

“Do you take American money?”


KMW-Poll-111214-Image02-DLChanson Rego Customer service for Just Live Zipline, Lihue

“Is there a zipline down Waimea Canyon? All the way from the top to the bottom?”


KMW-Poll-111214-Image03-DLRebecca Aasand OPC Agent for The Point at Poipu, Kalaheo

“My son has the best. He is a boat captain here on Kauai. Someone asked him if the water went all the way around the island.”


KMW-Poll-111214-Image04-DLBruce Lenores OPC Agent for The Point at Poipu, Wailua

“I get asked almost every day if I live here on the island, as I am booking their tours for them.”


KMW-Poll-111214-Image05-DLKollette Swift OPC Agent for The Point at Poipu, North Shore

“How do you get around the island? We don’t need a car; we can just take a bike all the way around, right?”