If stuck on a deserted island, what one thing would you want with you?

KMW-Poll-073014-Image01-DLMichelle Bagano Realtor, Kalaheo

“I asked a guy this question once. He said he wanted a car door. That way he could roll the window down when he got hot.”


KMW-Poll-073014-Image02-DLShealynna Ringor Student, Puhi

“A manly man. He would be good to have around to get stuff done, get our food and fan me when I am hot.”


KMW-Poll-073014-Image03-DLKat Tepelyan Brand Adviser, Wailua

“An engineer! They could make all the things we needed.”


KMW-Poll-073014-Image04-DLAmy NelsonBaker, Kapaa

“A dog — a ferocious mutt. Good to have around to fend off anything nasty, as well as kill our food.”


KMW-Poll-073014-Image05-DLBob Smith Beach Bum, Lihue

“That’s easy. A Frisbee!”