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What are you thankful for this year?’

KMW-Poll-120413-1Kristal Muhich
Anahola, Owner of Kauai Juice Company

“Two things. The GMO bill getting passed and also that the new Lady Gaga album came out this month!”


KMW-Poll-120413-2Katie Ranke
Wailua, Owner of Lotus Fudge

“The GMO bill getting passed!”


KMW-Poll-120413-3Lori Cardenas
Waimea, Owner of Aunty Lilikoi

“For my late father-in-law having lived a long and productive life”


KMW-Poll-120413-4Pakalana Matsunaga
Lihue, Cosmetologist and permanent makeup artist

“My new husband and his wonderful family!”


KMW-Poll-120413-5Mariya Jones
Lihue, New Wave Nutritionist and Personal Health Coach

“Being back home. Back around family. Back on Kauai.”