What do you think is the greatest invention since the wheel?

KMW-Poll-070914-Image01-DLED SANCIOUS Kapaa, Photographer

“The printing press, so everyone can have books.”

KMW-Poll-070914-Image02-DLMARGY PARKER Kalaheo, Public Relations

“The ones and zeros of binary code. It led to so many things including the internet.”

KMW-Poll-070914-Image03-DLJACK GARDNER Moloaa, Retired Art Director

“The camera, like the Fuji X100s that I happen to have on me right now.”

KMW-Poll-070914-Image04-DLCASEY HOLT Puu Pane, Doing extreme good in the world

“The internet.”

KMW-Poll-070914-Image05-DLANNE O’MALLEY Wailua, Writer

“Scotch Tape!”