Do you use any form of social media?

KMW-Poll-101514-Image01-DLMARY NOEL
Health Care Tech, Poipu

“Yes, I use Facebook so I can stay in touch with family and friends.”


KMW-Poll-101514-Image02-DLSELOMA MILLER
Barista, Wailua

“Yes, but I only use Instagram. I’m not a Facebook fan.”


KMW-Poll-101514-Image03-DLGWYN GOSNEY
Insurance Agency Owner, Kapaa

“No, I’m not really a fan of computers. And since I work on one all day, I don’t want to go home and get on one as well.”


KMW-Poll-101514-Image04-DLMELE NEAH
Jewelry Maker, Kilauea

“Yes, I use it for news and social events. It’s more informative for what I want than mainstream media.”


KMW-Poll-101514-Image05-DLMIKE NOEL
Sustainability Consultant, Poipu

“I use Facebook to stay in touch with friends. I sometimes use Twitter for work events too.”