When you have visitors, what is your favorite place to take them?

poll_20140205_01Katie Trussell
Chef and Yoga Instructor, Kilauea

“Our house. We have gardens, a food forest, sheep and so much beauty around the house we know they will love it.”


poll_20140205_02Shastin Snyder
Artist, Kilauea

“Hanalei Bay. It’s the quintessential vista of Hawaii. Everything is there: palms, water, surf, mountains, waterfalls — all of it.”


poll_20140205_03Nicolai Barca
Hunter/Fisherman/Gardener, Wailua

“Waimea Canyon and Koke’e, of course.”


poll_20140205_04Tom Pickett
Owner, Kilauea Bakery, Kilauea

“I take everyone who comes to Anini, so they can see a turtle underwater — something they will remember forever.”


poll_20140205_05John Parziale
Farmer and Physical Therapist, Moloa’a

“Josselin’s Tapas Bar, beacuse that ensures I get to eat there at least a few times a year!”