What is a good memory you have involving an animal?

KMW-Poll-031815-Image01-DLDr. Bryce Ahana
Veterinarian, Kapaa Animal Clinic, Lihue

“When I was a kid, my family was having lunch and some big seabird came swooping down and stole a cheeseburger off the table.”


KMW-Poll-031815-Image02-DLTeresa Worrell
Front Desk, Veterinarian Office, Anahola

“We had to move the stairs on our lanai, and one of our dogs refused to use the new stairs. She just kept going to the spot where the old stairs were and jumping off.”


KMW-Poll-031815-Image03-DLDr. Christie Polloi
Veterinarian, Kapaa Animal Clinic, Lihue

“I’m forever grateful for the time when Dr. Ahana saved my dog. She had a bone stuck in her throat and he saved her life.”


KMW-Poll-031815-Image04-DLRyan Wentworth
Veterinary Technician, Kapaa

“When I was 6, I went to a friend’s farm. They had just gotten a new ram and we kids didn’t know about it. As we walked across a field, the ram came over and took me out by surprise, right into a ditch.”


KMW-Poll-031815-Image05-DLRicky Hadley
Veterinary Technician, Kapaa

“I had to give a cat its medicine. I went to its kennel, but there was no cat. I spent the next two hours searching for the cat. It ended up that the escaped cat got out of one kennel and stuck in an old, unused kennel in the back room instead, all on its own.”