What is your beverage of choice to get the morning started?

poll_01Marilyn Curtis
Kalaheo, Retired

“I have to have strong black coffee every morning.”


poll_02Rynda Gorospe
Kapaa, Owner of Lokelani’s Banana Bread & Treats

“I need my coffee! Usually from Starbucks I get a vanilla frappuccino with an extra shot!”


Sarah Peters Ele Ele Co-owner of Da Imu Hut "Coffee, Folgers, black. "Sarah Peters
Ele Ele, Co-owner of Da Imu Hut

“Coffee, Folgers, black.”


poll_04Val Yokotake
Haena, Works in the office at Hanalei School

“Every morning. Coffee with cream.”


poll_05Gina Vivona
Koloa, Owner of Granny Feelgoods Kettle Corn

“Tea. Chai tea, actually. I’ve got to have my chai! All those spices and flavors make me happy.”