What is your favorite thing to grow?

KMW-Poll-042915-Image01-DLSandy Nishek
Nursery Assistant, Wailua

“I love to grow spicy peppers! Ghost peppers, Trinidad scorpion peppers — anything hot. And, of course, Hawaiian peppers for everyday use, too.”


KMW-Poll-042915-Image02-DLRob Dorman
Travel Agent and Farmer At Heart, Kapahi

“I would have to say olena. I love it because it is such a powerful healing plant.”


KMW-Poll-042915-Image03-DLDee Dee Ventura
Master Gardener Intern with University of Hawaii, Wainiha

“I love growing food, specifically canoe crops, the original foods brought here long ago. Kalo and bread-fruit are two big ones. We want them to continue here, to flourish.”


Plants, Children and Animals Caregiver, Wainiha

“I love to grow ferns and anthuriums and, of course, orchids. Beautiful plants.”


KMW-Poll-042915-Image05-DLPeter McHugh
Landscape Materials Sales, Wailua

“Anthuriums simply because of their beauty.”