What is your favorite way to cool off on a hot summer’s day?

KMW-Poll-073113-1Argea Yasay
Cashier, The Homesteads

“I get a good shave ice – strawberry and pineapple!”


KMW-Poll-073113-2Moki Palakiko
Meat cutter, Anahola

“I like to go up and hang out in the cool pond in Haena. Nice and cold there.”


KMW-Poll-073113-3Travis Wexler
Window washer, Kilauea

“Jump in the ocean!”


KMW-Poll-073113-4Nalia Leong
Cashier, Anahola

“If I’m at work, on my break I like to stand in the chill (walk-in).”


KMW-Poll-073113-5Jay Wright
Landscape maintenance, Kilauea

“Ice cold beer!”