What job would you be terrible at?

KMW-Poll-061814-Image01-DLTammy Hall Puhi, Regional Trainer for Sunglass Hut

“Cooking. I can boil water and reheat things, but that’s about it.”


KMW-Poll-061814-Image02-DLNigel Ramos Hanapepe, Construction Worker

“A concierge. I’m not good at talking to a bunch of strangers.”


KMW-Poll-061814-Image03-DLQuiana Duarte Hanapepe, Student

“I would be terrible working at a fast-food place — running the register, taking orders, getting their food. I’d mess up people’s orders.”


KMW-Poll-061814-Image03-DLBlythe Blake Kalaheo, Student

“A lawyer. I don’t think I could do well in a courtroom, getting in someone’s face and accusing them of something.”


KMW-Poll-061814-Image05-DLAllison Davis Hanama’ulu, Sales Associate

“I think I would be terrible at construction work. I can’t build anything. Every time I try, I always end up with extra screws. I think it would fall down if I built it.”