Why do you do Yoga?

KMW-Poll-020415-Image01-DLJessica Stein
Owner and Instructor at Kauai Power Yoga, Kapaa

“I get to a place of stillness where I have a connection to my body, mind, spirit, breath and heart. It’s something I can’t find anywhere else.”


KMW-Poll-020415-Image02-DLErin Kouvas
Yoga Instructor, Princeville

“I do yoga, I teach yoga and I teach teachers of yoga. I do it all for the physical workout, the mental clarity, the spiritual connection and the feeling of community.”


KMW-Poll-020415-Image03-DLGinny Cooke
Meadery Assistant, Kapaa

“When I do yoga, it brings a calm to my life. I’m better able to do things because I’m more limber and calm with a better mindset.”


KMW-Poll-020415-Image04-DLCandice Benshoof
Mom and Yoga Instructor in training, Anahola

“I do it because it’s like a physical and mental reboot. It’s a good workout, but it’s also an hour of putting the rest of the world on hold and turning inward.”


KMW-Poll-020415-Image05-DLKarli Luksch
General Manager, Dental Office, Anahola

“Yoga is an oasis for my mind. Everything else in life is on a schedule. It’s nice to have the hour or two to focus on myself, inside and out.”