Michael Dandurand Wins A $100 Times Shopping Spree

Michael Dandurand

Michael Dandurand stopped by Times Supermarket last week to grab some grinds to share with his friends while watching the NFL playoffs. Little did he know that he would be approached by a MidWeek Kaua’i representative and asked a very simple question. When he replied correctly, he instantly won a $100 gift certificate to the local grocery store.

The professional DJ and Kustom Sounds business owner prefers to shop at Times because of its convenient location and easy access.

“And it’s the only place that has chicken already marinated,” he says.

Dandurand is originally from O’ahu, but has lived on Kaua’i for 25 years.

He enjoys regularly looking for people he knows in MidWeek Kaua’i, and always finds the Poll to be a fun and interesting read.