Molly Bahouth Wins A $100 Times Shopping Spree

Molly Bahouth received an early Christmas present last week. When she answered MidWeek Kauai‘s simple question correctly, the South Shore resident won a $100 gift certificate to Times Supermarket an establishment she says she frequents “too much.”

Molly likes to cook, and she shops at the local grocery store for meats and dry goods.

She also likes to read MidWeek Kaua’i.

“I like the fact that it gives you weekly events and provides critiques for restaurants,” said Molly. “Because I’m new to the island, I like to see what’s out there.”

Molly is the wife of Sheraton Kaua’i Resort’s general manager Chip Bahouth, a past MWK cover subject. Together they have a son, Chasen, who is attending college in Santa Barbara.