Supporting A Healthier Lifestyle

Dr. Kerry Dillberg
Dillberg Integrated Healthcare

Please tell us about your practice. Our office is called Dillberg Integrated Healthcare because we believe that nothing in the body occurs in a vacuum. Every aspect of our health is influenced by the stresses we are exposed to. In my practice, I use chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, detoxification, bioidentical hormonal balance, spinal rehabilitation and neuro-emotional techniques to reduce those stresses and increase overall health and vitality. We have specialized programs for anti-cancer, anti-degeneration and spinal rehabilitation, but we also work with professional athletes and everyday people who simply want to feel their best.

What is your educational background? I am a doctor of chiropractic, licensed acupuncturist, a fellow of the American Academy of Applied Biomechanical Engineering, and I am trained in Pettibon spinal rehabilitation. I am certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine, and I have several other certifications in nutrition, detoxification and neuro-emotional techniques. I know that it is very unusual for a doctor to have such a broad background, but I find it so valuable to incorporate therapies for the whole body and stay at the cutting edge of preventive health care.

What advice do you give your patients? A big part of our practice is focused on education. We offer advice on family health issues, meal planning, lifestyle, as well as the importance of healthy attitude, fitness and laughter. We have a workshop that meets monthly called Living Healthy, and offer a support group to help each individual move toward a healthier lifestyle. We tell our patients to envision the very best of health for themselves and then “Live like you mean it!”

Dr. Kerry Dillberg discusses an X-ray with a patient. Amanda C. Gregg photos

Do you have any special advice for people during holiday season? It is disheartening to hear how many people come down with a nasty case of the flu on Christmas Eve. Everyone seems to struggle with diet and weight gain this time of year; and many of us know people who suffer with depression during the holidays. Our pedal goes to the metal when the calendar turns to December, and for that reason we are encouraging our patients to be prepared. Simple tips everyone can use include making sure that you get enough rest, loading up your plate with as many veggies as possible (before treating yourself with those yummy desserts), practicing portion control and alternating a large glass of water in between any other beverages (especially alcohol) that you consume. If you can go three to five days in between parties and celebrations where you devote yourself to healthy habits, that can go a long way toward preparing you for those days when we are exposed to more mental stress, sugar, alcohol and unhealthy foods.

How does wellness play a role in your practice? True health care concerns itself primarily with wellness. We are all familiar with a friend or family member who appears healthy until they get a diagnosis of advanced cancer, or drop dead with a heart attack. Symptoms are not the best barometer of health. When we focus on a symptom or disease with the goal of simply removing the symptom or suppressing the disease, we will most likely continue to experience sickness or “dis-ease” in other areas of our function. The first step to wellness is to make pain or other symptoms unnecessary. To understand this, we need to be aware that the body is hardwired to communicate dysfunction through symptoms – they are warning signs that something is wrong. If we stop pursuing health just because the symptom has gone away, we can cheat ourselves of greater strength and vitality.

What ages are your patients? Some of our favorite patients have not had their first birthday yet. We see patients from birth into old age with the goal of improving function and quality of life. When we feel well, our limitations melt away.

How often does a patient need to come in for adjustments (or other reasons for visits)? All of the programs in our office are personalized to our patients’ needs and with their particular goals in mind. We have patients who are in the midst of a comprehensive rehabilitative program who might come to see us once a week in the initial phase of care, but we also have patients who live on the Mainland and are only able to visit us once a year. We work with our patients’ availability, their resources and their goals.

What special do you currently offer that you’d like to tell our readers about? There are three programs that really change people’s lives: Our Spinal Rehabilitation Program has been able to not only remove spinal-related health conditions, but also increase energy, mental clarity, strength and stamina. Our Healthy Blood Analysis program uses high-resolution blood analysis to determine toxicity or nutritional deficiencies, and then I am able to design a detoxification or nutritional program to meet their needs. The last program is the Living Healthy Workshop series that I spoke about earlier. This workshop is creating a community of healthy-minded people who are committed to better health, love to learn the best ways to maintain health and encourage each other.

Where can people learn more? We would love to hear from your readers. We have a website,, or can be contacted via email at, or by phone: 742-9326. People also can learn more by liking our Facebook page: