Anger Management

I am very particular about who cuts my hair. In fact, the woman who cuts it today has done it for the past six years. She has worked in a variety of salons, but I know her well enough that she comes to my house to cut my locks. She’s very animated and talkative, but really good at what she does.

The other night she came over to give my hair a trim. We set up in my kitchen because the light is good. But after draping me, I noticed something was wrong. She was unusually quiet. I asked her if anything was wrong. She commenced cutting my hair and revealed what was causing her silence.

She told me that she was let go from the current salon she was working at because of artistic differences. Suddenly the floodgates were opened and she poured out her heart on how mad she was because of it. Now she was very loudly expressing her anger.

The problem with that was that she also was cutting my hair. Each clip of her scissors seemed to be directed at her now ex-employer. I could see all my clipped hair flying all over the place and was starting to get really concerned when she pulled out her buzz clippers.

The flying hair started to increase in clump size, so I attempted to get a word in edgewise in order to calm her down and prevent myself from getting the look of a Marine boot camp recruit.

I was afraid to look in a mirror, but was relieved to know that I intervened just in time. She left after having given me another good haircut.

Note to self: Send a fruit basket to my dentist before my next appointment.

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