Bachelor Party

These past few weeks, while my wife and daughter were on the Mainland, I found myself to be kind of lost without them. Yes, my mom and our dog Buddy were home, but I think this is the longest I’ve ever been apart from my girls. The weekdays weren’t too bad, as I was busy with work. But when the weekend rolled around, I found myself with too much free time.

I worked in the yard and washed the cars all under the watchful eye of my trusty companion Buddy. I tethered him in the front yard, as we have no fence, and he kept me company while I went about my weekend duties. That took all of a few hours, and then I was left to figure out what I was going to do on a Saturday night.

I suddenly realized that I was a grown man with resources and that I should go out and have some fun. I was kind of a temporary bachelor. Not that I was going to go out “on the prowl,” but I didn’t have a curfew or any kind of domesticated schedule.

I figured I would call up a few of my guy friends and go out for some food and drinks. The problem was that most of my buddies are married, so my chances of landing a couple of wingmen at the last minute seemed slim. I was right. Besides, before I was married, I had this “reputation,” so I think my friend’s wives were hesitant about turning their spouses loose with Nagasawa.

I do have one or two friends who are still single, so I thought I’d give them a try and hope for better success. Nope. They were already busy with their single lives and so they took a raincheck with their old pal Ron. By the time I exhausted all my potential cohorts it was pretty late, and my night out with the boys looked like it wasn’t going to happen.

But I had forgotten that I still had “my best friend.” So Buddy and I found our spot in front of the TV and I poured myself a single-malt scotch while he had his water dish filled with fresh, cold water. I put on Animal Planet on-demand and we watched Dogs 101 while we held MilkBone dog biscuits in our mouths like cigars. The Hangover it was not, but it was still a good time.