Boss Alert! Boss Alert!

With the move of our MidWeek editorial offices to Restaurant Row from Kaneohe, I’m finding so many things that have worked out for the better. The offices are new and more modern, and our location is really convenient for just about anything you need to do.

Our new office is within a radius of great places to eat, and our offices have floor to ceiling windows allowing natural light and giving us great views.

Yeah, everything is pretty wonderful. Well, except for one thing: I am now closer to my boss, the company president, than ever before.

And I don’t mean relationship close. I have to admit that when we were in Kaneohe, the distance between his office and mine was measured in miles. Now it’s measured in feet and inches. The first day of the first week we were in Honolulu he came into my office three times!

That’s more than I saw him in all of 2006! OK, so I’m exaggerating, but my boss is a no-nonsense kind of guy. If he’s sitting in front of you it can only be for one of two reasons. Either you screwed up pretty badly or he wants to ask you a question he already has the answer to.

Truth be told, he was being very gracious, and welcoming the staff and me in person. He wanted to make sure we were comfortable in our new digs. I guess when you’re far away you tend to make things up in your mind on how people are. In reality, things are much better than you imagine.

Besides, things could be worse. They could have moved me to the production plant in Kapolei, just minutes from where I live. Then I might see my real boss, namely my wife, a lot more as she checks to see why I always come home from work so late.

Ron’s WEBSITE of the week

Our MidWeek assistant regional editor, Sarah Pacheco, shared a site that might be useful to those with food allergies:

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