Color Blind In Bathroom

You’ve probably heard the saying, “a family that plays together, stays together.” I don’t think that applies to brushing your teeth. In our house, we have an elaborate system for brushing our teeth. Essentially, it’s based on color-coding.

Although our two kids have their own bathroom, they’ve grown up sharing the master bathroom with my wife and me. It’s never bothered me with the exception of sharing a single sink with my wife and a daughter who is now an official teenager.

Anyway, I had to devise a system where we can identify our toothbrushes. The toothbrushes in our family are identical except for the color of the handle. I have a blue one, my wife has green, our daughter purple and our son yellow. Our son has two toothbrushes: one he brought back from college, which he keeps in his bathroom, and the yellow spare, which he keeps in ours. Now you know why the color code is so important. Anyway, the other morning my wife came into the kitchen and said that she accidentally used my toothbrush. Now I’ve kissed my wife a billion times, but I think I gave her a look as though it bothered me.

Her feelings must have been hurt, and she immediately said she would go out and buy me a new toothbrush. I insisted that she didn’t have to, thinking that when she’s not home I could boil or microwave the toothbrush. Hey, I just don’t like someone else using my brush to be rid of plaque.

Our son and daughter kind of sided with me, saying that it was “gross.” I asked her how she could mistake my blue toothbrush for her green one. She looked at me and said, “What do you mean? Mine is the blue one.”

I immediately went to the store to see if I could find an all-black toothbrush.

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