Fan Base

I have to say that I work with a really great staff here at MidWeek. We all get along great, which is cool when you realize that I work with quite a few young people. You’d think that I wouldn’t be able to relate to them or they to me, but it seems we have more in common than not. They are comfortable enough where they share with me what’s happening with them.

So my office is kind of like Facebook – everyone comes in here to post the going ons in their lives. Of course, we keep it professional, but it’s hard not to care about people you spend most of your day with.

The other week a couple of the staff were in my office and we were just chatting about stuff in general. One of the young women was relating something that happened at a party she just went to. She said, “Ron, I just went to this really great party and when they found out I worked here, some of the women were asking me about you.”

Besides being a great employee, this staffer also is a model. I pictured her partying with a bunch of her girlfriend models, asking questions about me since I’m kind of a “small kine” local celebrity. I perked up and asked what they wanted to know.

She said they asked what I was like, if my wife was pretty (she is) and if she met my kids. I was very flattered that these young women would take an interest in me, so I decided to gather more information about these party girls. I asked her what kind of party it was, thinking they were at some sizzling nightclub or maybe a pool party.

She innocently answered, “It was my grandma’s birthday party and all her friends wanted to know about you.” The others in the room were trying to choke back the laughter, because I am the boss, after all. Obviously disappointed, I told her, “Your grandma’s friends? I was kind of hoping you were talking about people your age.”

I guess she decided to throw me a bone and said, “Well, my mom and her friends really like your column, too!” I actually don’t mind, as the senior set like her grandmother are the most loyal of my fans. Besides, I’ve met her grandma and she’s pretty hot.