Feeling Enhanced

At one of my last doctor checkups, he recommended that I start taking a daily multivitamin. Maybe because it was me, he reiterated that I needed to get adult vitamins and not Flintstones chew-ables. So I headed off to the closest GNC store.

The store clerk was very helpful and rang me up for a daily formula vitamin made especially for men. I didn’t think about it, and so I went home and threw it into our kitchen cabinet where we store most of our medications and stuff.

The other morning our 13-year-old daughter was making herself breakfast and opened the cabinet. She exclaimed, “Eww, gross, Dad, don’t tell me this is yours!” She held up my new bottle of vitamins and only then did I notice the name – Mega Men.

My first thought was she’s seeing way too much spam on the computer. I then proceeded to explain to her that it was a multivitamin that I was to take under orders of my doctor. It was about then that my wife decided to chime in.

She smiled and winked at me and explained to our daughter, “No, that is definitely not what you think it was.” It took all of 30 seconds before that registered with me, and I snapped, “Hey!”

Ron’s WEBSITE of the week

One of my favorite postal carriers (and a Leilehua High classmate) Kathy Myers, sent in a reverent website. It’s a virtual Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall: virtualwall.org/istates.htm

We should never forget the sacrifices made for our country. Send your websites to me at rnagasawa@midweek.com

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