Fool’s Gold

Like most people these days, I’m penny-pinching for just about everything.

After months of doing this, it starts to get to you, and you kind of yearn for an occasional splurge. The problem is that if your cash flow hasn’t improved, neither have your chances for that sparse luxury buy.

So the other week I picked up a copy of the Star-Advertiser and wrapped around the front page was an ad for one of those companies that buy gold. I thought about it and remembered that I had a bunch of gold jewelry from ex-girlfriends back in the day.

No way any of that jewelry was ever going to find its way back on my body, so I decided to see how much cash I could get for it. I drove to the cash-for-gold location with what I thought was enough bling to fund the government bailout of a small bank.

I walked in, and there were loads of people who wanted to take advantage of the opportunity for some fast cash. For some reason, I was kind of happy and singing to myself the Beverly Hillbillies TV show song, but with my own lyrics.

“Come and listen to my story about a cool guy named Ron, a poor newspaper publisher who never had any fun. But then one day he was trading in some gold, and then he could go out and buy something bold. Well, the first thing you know ol’Ron’s a millionaire, kinfolk said, Ron move away from here. Said Princeville is the place you ought to be, so he loaded up his truck …”

Anyway I left there elated with about $60 in my pocket, and it felt like a million bucks. As I got into my car, I noticed my gas tank was nearly empty. Long story short, I filled up on gas and guess what? It cost me nearly 60 bucks! We have to get a handle on gas prices when it costs me $1 million for a full tank of gas.

Ron’s WEB SITE of the week
Local mover and shaker Danielle Scherman sent in her brother Evan’s Web site. It’s a unique site for luxury poker products for poker aficionados.

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