Freezer Burn

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my plight with our refrigerator icemaker. I received numerous replies from readers with suggestions on how to deal with it, and I even had a woman contact me willing to sell me her refrigerator with a working icemaker.

The other week I had come home late from work. I plopped down into a chair when I saw my mom and anticipated that her first words would be to go buy a bag of ice. The request never came. I figured that someone else had bought it, so I was going to help myself to some ice and chill my beverage.

Then my mom spoke, “You don’t have to buy ice tonight. We have enough until tomorrow.” Just as I was going to fill my cup with cubes she finished her point: “Just don’t use any ice and we’ll be OK.” That’s when my head exploded.

The next day I went to an appliance parts store and bought a replacement unit for $100. I spent most of my Saturday on the project and by the end of the day it still didn’t make ice. I went online to an appliance-troubleshooting site and spent another 50 bucks for advice. Still no ice.

On Monday I had an appliance repairman come to our house. He said the water valve pump needed replacing – $200 later, he left. I waited for 12 hours and realized it still wasn’t working. The next day I got him on the phone and he said the replacement unit I installed myself was probably no good.

Furious, I asked what it’s going to take for me to get ice. He said for $200 more, he’ll replace my un-returnable faulty replacement unit. He pointed out that by the time he’s done I will have spent $550 to get ice. Then he said, “You know, sir, they make these plastic trays that cost a dollar and you can make ice in them.” I was going to answer back, but couldn’t because I had bit right through my tongue.

Here’s a cool food blog by Kelly Goodman on where to find cheap grinds on the Garden Isle:

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