Just Paying Lip Service

I’m a tolerant person. I’m also very patient, some would say so much so that it borders on being unconscious. I don’t like to make trouble or cause a ruckus. But if I have one pet peeve as of late, it is when people who should be servicing me are talking on their cell phones.

The other day during lunch, I ran to a small local eatery that a bunch of us go to because it’s fast, the food is pretty good and it’s within walking distance of our office.

Anyway, I walked straight up to the register to place my order. There was a teenage girl and she had her cell phone pressed up to her ear with one hand. She made direct eye contact with me but kept talking on the phone. I kept waiting for her to hang up but she just kept talking.

Then she gestured to me with raised eyebrows like I should go ahead and place my order. As soon as I placed my order, she yelled it through a window to the kitchen, still on the phone.

My order came up and I had to self-serve, putting dressing on my salad from the condiment table. It was out of ranch dressing. I handed the empty bottle to the girl and asked for another.

Still on the phone, she looked at me like I was asking to borrow her car. I had enough. I asked to speak to the manager. She went in the back and the next thing you know an older guy came out. He was talking on his cell phone!

Phone to his ear, he asked what was wrong. As I walked out I said, “I’ll call you.”

Ron’s WEBSITE of the week

John Gallagher writes, “Teachers and other interested parties: The nonprofit Hawaiian Astronomical Society is deeply saddened by the passing of its school star party coordinator. We ask for your kokua during these trying times. Teachers who have a confirmed and scheduled star party have been contacted to establish a new point of contact. If you have not been contacted yet, please resubmit your request. We are automating the process for all new requests through https://nightsky.jpl.nasa.gov/club-eventrequest.cfm?Club_ID=453. For further information, please contact gallaghej002@hawaii.rr.com.”

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