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If you read this column a few weeks ago, you know that I wrote about a dry skin problem that my mother-in-law was having. Well, dozens of you seemed to sympathize with her and decided to do something about it. I’ve always said MidWeek readers are the best people in the world.

Now I have undisputable proof. As soon as that story hit the street, I was inundated with e-mails and phone calls on how I could treat her dry skin condition. Many of you even went so far as to send or drop off tubes and jars of lotions, creams and lubricants for my mother-in-law to try. By the end of that week, I had amassed a box full of products. Your caring and generosity were certainly reflected in that gesture. Anyway, that Friday night I had to work late, and when I left, I grabbed the box and threw it on the front passenger seat of my car.

I was kind of in a rush to get home, so that resulted in a rare occasion where I went over the speed limit. As is typical with my luck, I soon saw a flashing blue light in my rearview mirror. Hoping it would pass me, I pulled over to the side. No such luck. I was going to get a speeding ticket.

As the officer approached my car I looked at the box next to me and wondered how I was going to explain nearly a case of skin lotions and lubricants, a few of which had a brand name that starts with the letter K and the letter Y. Without thinking it through, I swept the box onto the floor.

Apparently, the officer saw me do that and asked what I was hiding. If it was a box of Sudafed products he might suspect I was starting a “meth” lab. Since honesty is the best policy, I pulled the box out and showed him. He asked, “Who is all that for?” Not thinking, I replied, “My mother-in-law.” His next comment wasn’t completely unexpected, “A comedian, huh? All right pal, step out of the car.”

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