Mister Fashion

The other weekend I had to go to Sears to get a battery changed in my watch. While I did that, my wife said to meet her at the women’s aloha wear department.

She had to purchase some aloha apparel for May Day and wanted me to help her find something.

I should have known immediately that this would lead to trouble.

She doesn’t really wear mu’umu’us, and since our daughter wasn’t with us, I suddenly became her fashion consultant.

For whatever reason, she always wants my opinion or suggestions. It’s kind of the long way around to the ultimate question, “Does this make me look fat?”

No good could come from this.

Anyway, I dropped my watch off and headed toward my wife. I think she saw me coming, as she started walking toward me.

Just then, I nearly tripped over a garment that was lying on the floor. I picked it up by the hanger and held it up in the air. It was a plus-sized mu’umu’u and only one word could describe it – gaudy.

I then realized my wife was standing right there. She immediately flew off the handle, “Are you suggesting this for me? This is the size of a tent and it looks like a cow exploded on it!”

I kept trying to explain but she went off to the petite area to prove that I was an insensitive jerk.

Anyway, I actually ended up buying that mu’umu’u. I figured I could use it to sleep under in the yard that night.

Ron’s WEBSITE of the week

Monica Salter sent in the re-launched site for the real estate company, Prudential Locations. Says the site is chock-full of new applications and resources: