Night After Christmas

‘Twas the night after Christmas and all through my house, was wrapping paper scattered and my exhausted spouse.

The stockings were hung inside out to share, their wonderful contents with nothing to spare.

Our children were nestled on the living room couch, playing with presents from Santa’s big pouch. Mama in her jeans and me in my shorts, had just settled down to watch TV sports.

When from out of our daughter came such a clatter, her new digital camera was what was the matter. Operating it was gonna be hard, because she was missing her SD card.

Mama had wrapped it separately to ensure, it would not get lost in the unwrapping blur. My wife looked at me as though to endear, but instead told me to get off my rear.

I needed to search through the trash and that ick, I knew in a moment I might just get sick.

I complained and shouted and called out insane, “Where’s that SD card?” and something profane.

With the trashed wrapping paper was garbage mixed in, food from last night Chinese takeout bins. Char siu, beef broccoli, honey walnut shrimp, I knew in an instant I was starting to wimp.

But I spoke not a word, and went straight to my work, I must find that card and not be a jerk.

I pinched both my fingers aside of my nose, and dove in the garbage, I’ll wash off with a hose.

I finally found it and held it in sight, it just might turn out to be a great Christmas night. Until my spouse she spoke up and said what was true, “Go back in the garbage because I bought two!”