Just telling you up front that this week I’m writing about my underwear. Turn the page now or risk getting too much information about something no one cares about.

OK, if you’re reading this sentence, you’re a glutton for punishment.

April 2011 looks to be a momentous month. It is the month that Ron Nagasawa finally decided to buy some new underwear. Unless you’re a man, you may not understand this, but buying underwear has as much priority in my life as alphabetizing the canned goods in our food pantry. In other words, it’s not going to happen.

Up to now, all my underwear has been purchased for me by either my mom or my wife. And that’s only because when they did the laundry the underwear I did have would eventually disintegrate in their hands.

Well, the other day the last pair met its demise, so I decided it was time to go out to buy my own underwear. I guess my underwear was so old that they no longer made the same style, so I would have to opt for something brand-new. Instead of the trusty white cotton briefs, I decided to go with boxer briefs.

I also decided to change up on color and bought a couple pairs in black. When I got home, my wife asked me how the expedition went. Our 13-year-old daughter, who didn’t know what was going on, asked what I bought. I proudly pulled out my new underwear and showed them. My wife was actually quite pleased with the black ones, remarking that they were “sexy.”

That’s when I looked at our daughter, who, as she bolted from the room, said, “I’m going to look for someone to adopt me!”

Ron’s WEBSITE of the week

Fellow book author and friend Sandi Yorong sent me her new website. You may remember from a story in MidWeek that she is the author of the Lifetime Medical Organizer. It’s helped hundreds deal with medical crises at the homefront: