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Round Trip

Our 24-year-old son finally was coming home for a visit. He and his girlfriend found some great rates, so they decided to surprise us around the Labor Day weekend. Unbeknownst to them, his mom and sister were headed to the Mainland that same weekend to attend my wife’s nephew’s wedding. As the only one home, I was designated to pick him up from the airport. A few days later I would have to pick up my wife and daughter from the airport, as well.

When our son came in, I was actually at the office and was going to head to the airport based on the itinerary he sent me. About 30 minutes earlier than his expected arrival time, he called me. “Dad, we’re here. The flight got in early.” I replied, “OK, I’ll pick you up curbside after you grab your bags.” Since I was about 20 minutes away, I hustled out the door.

Halfway there I realized I left my cell phone back at the office. I figured no problem, since we already communicated the pick-up plan. I pulled up to the Arrivals curb, but there was no sign of my son or his girlfriend. After several minutes, security told me I would have to leave and drive back around. I did, but when I came back, still no sign of them.

With no way to contact him, I went around and back two more times. There was no sense waiting at the designated cell phone waiting lot, since I did not have mine. After circling two more times, I finally picked up my anticipated cargo, who explained there was a baggage hold-up of some kind.

On to a few days later when I had to pick up wife and daughter.

I communicated early with my wife and again planned to pick them up curbside. Told them to call me after they got their bags and I would be waiting at the cell phone lot. This time I absolutely made sure I had my phone. About 20 minutes after their expected arrival time, I still did not receive a call. I tried calling them, but no answer. I drove to Arrivals.

They were nowhere in sight, and so I was told again to leave and circle back around. I did that three more times before I struck gold and picked up my wife and daughter – both their cell phone batteries had died. Too bad the airport doesn’t give out curbside frequent driver miles. If they did, I’d have a free trip to the moon.