Seller’s Remorse

People who know me know that I am a huge movie buff. I guess I’m no different than most of the population of the world, but I’d like to think I am different. My taste in movies can range from classics to foreign films to blockbusters and to what I call “eye candy” – movies with no substance, but they just look cool.

Having said this, I have an extensive collection of movies on DVD. I don’t know why I collect, because of one insane fact: Once I watch a movie, I rarely watch it again. OK, I watched Enter The Dragon a billion times, but that’s it.

I collect DVD movies so that I can have my kids watch them or loan them to close friends so they can see where my head was at during any given time period. It’s a historic visual library of my mind.

The other week our kids decided to have a garage sale so that they could sell stuff they weren’t using and make a little folding money for the summer. Anything leftover we would donate to charity.

Within the first hour of business, our garage was packed with people. We pretty much let the kids run the show. After a while, I went out to check on them.

It looked like my daughter was negotiating some kind of deal with a guy bigger than Michael Oher. I walked over to see what was going on. He was holding a plastic bag of about 20 of my DVDs. I had forgotten that I had some in the garage that I planned to catalog before putting away.

I heard him say to my daughter, “One dollar each, right? Here’s a 20.” She looked at me proudly and said, “Daddy, look, I made $20 for you!”

I let it go, although now I don’t know how I’ll explain the missing James Bond years of my life.

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